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Our Advantages


Alpha product line completely produced by their own equipment. Uses 99.95% tungsten and molybdenum powder. From mixing to finished product we have full set of equipment.Professional technical team can help us to meet a variety of customer needs for different application.


Possessing for the first rolling equipment of tungsten and molybdenum plates in the country, with highest automation, largest thickness and width of plates. And best plate precision,for molybdenum plates can produce plate of 800mm wide but only 0.2mm thickness.


Solid-liquid material mixing technology is adopted in the workshop for doping molybdenum, cold isostatic pressing technology and intermediate frequency sintering technology. Flat quads reduction furnace intelligence temperature controlling system is employed in the production line of molybdenum products.


A large-scale production can reduced the cost so it make our product more competitive in the market. We would like to help customer to develop suitable materials when they in the practical use.

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