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High Temperature Furnace

Vacuum furnace, Sapphire crystal growth furnace, Quartz continuous melting furnace components.

Products:Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium plates, rods, wires, crucibles and further processed products.

Electric Light Source & Vacuum Parts

Key components of electric light source parts and arc tube of Ceramic metal halide lamp.

Products: Tungsten rods, wires and fabricated products.



Balancing Weight

Balancing weights in racing cars, submarines, and airplanes, crankshaft balances, counterweight stem of mobile phones, game machines and oil drilling machines, gyroscope in aerospace, counterweight for fishing and golf.



MOCVD Heater, LED equipment components and TFT-LCD target material.

Products:W evaporator/boat, Mo evaporator/boat, W crucible, Mo crucible, Sputtering targets, tube targets of W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Ti.


Glass Production

Electrodes for soda-lime glass and borosilicate glass production.

Products: Mo rods, Mo electrodes.




Targets, evaporator and crucibles for coating.

Products:W evaporator, Mo evaporator, W crucible, Mo crucible, Sputtering targets, tube targets of W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Ti,


Heat Sinks of Electronic Assembly

Base plates for power electronics, Wafer substrates for LED chips, Heat spreaders.

Products: Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tungsten-Copper alloy, Molybdenum-Copper alloy parts assembly and heat sink material.



Tungsten and tungsten nickel iron processing material, due to its good machining and strong ray absorption ability, is widely used in radiation baffle on CT.



Radiation Shielding

Nuclear medicine, Borehole logging in the oil and gas industries, Pipe-line inspection, Industrial radiography, Homeland security and border control.

Products: Tungsten and Tungsten heavy alloys 

Ion Implantated Semi-conductors

Tungsten-Molybdenum refined parts for high current implanter, medium current implanter, and high-energy ion source.

Products: Tungsten, Molybdenum, TZM plates, rods and ion implanted parts.


Maching And Welding

Wire for EDM, Electrodes for TIG welding.

Products: Wire for EDM, Ceriated Tungsten, Thoriated Tungsten, Lanthanated Tungsten, Zirconiated Tungsten, Yttriated Tungsten, Tungsten Copper, Tungsten heavy alloys .



If you have any other special needs for refractory metal,we would like to search it for you.

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